Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Mount

Design to fit most Wireless Phone, GPS and MP3 players

Part# MCUP

MSRP 19.99

Keep your phone in one simple, easy to reach place while you drive.  Fits in most cup holders and expands to fit tightly.  The rotatable grip expands to accommodate even the largest smart phones on the market.  Adjust the neck to angle the viewing to your liking.


  • Adjustable base for a perfect fit in most car’s cup holder
  • Flexible neck holder and swivel holder to suit your desired viewing angle
  • 3 selectable holder positions to fit your iPhone, iPod and most mobile phones perfectly
  • Swivel holder to view your iPhone / iPod vertically or horizontally
  • Soft holder grips and backing that will not scratch your device

Technical Details:

Arm Grip Width

  • Minimum width: 1.5 inches (3.6 cm)  
  • Maximum width: 3 5/8 inches (9.7 cm)

Base Diameter

  • Minimum base diameter: 2.5 inches (6.4 cm)
  • Maximum base diameter: 4 3/8 inches (10.9 cm) 
  • Maximum height: 9 3/8 inches (23.4 cm)

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