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IceCam- Portable USB Video Wen Camera

Q: Does IceCam work with iChat?

A: Apple iChat only supports FireWire web cams such as iSight. iChat does not support USB web cam. Third party software such as iChatUSBCAM is required for IceCam to work in iChat.

Q: Where can I purchase iChatUSBCam software at 50% off discount to support iChat?

A: Please go to URL link

Q: What other video conference application does IceCam support?

A: IceCam also supports the latest Skype and Yahoo Messenger under MacOS X 10.3 to 10.5. Software iChatUSBCAM is not needed.

Q: I can see myself on the Webcam Monitor in Mac, but my friend can not see me through iChat, Skype or Yahoo Messenger. What should I do?

A: IceCam can be used by one video application at a time, therefore, when Webcam Monitor is open to display IceCam video, none of other video conference application can use the IceCam. WebCam Monitor is used for testing the camera, not meant to run simultaneously with video conference application. You can not run more than one video conference application at a time, such as iChat and Skype.

So please quit Webcam Monitor and all video conference application to release IceCam, then open and login to one video conference application to try the camera. If it still fails, please reboot the system and run the video conference software again.

Q: The Webcam/IceCam Monitor does not show any video on the screen. What should I do?


A: First of all, please connect your iceCam into your computer directly, because other USB port on the hub or keyboard may not provide enough power to the iceCam.


After re-launching the Webcam Monitor, if there is still no video, please try to reset the PRAM. The way to reset PRAM is, to restart the computer, then immediately press and hold down 4 keys simultaneously, Option, Cmd (Apple key), P and R keys. Keep holding down these keys until the Mac sounds chime three times, and let go all the keys. You may test the IceCam again in Webcam Monitor.

Q: Can I use IceCam in a new iMac, Macbook or MacbookPro with built-in iSight camera?

A: Yes. If the application iChat, Skype or Yahoo Messenger do not use IceCam as camera source, please go to Preferences of the application, select Video(or Webcam) icon, and change Camera(or Video source) option to “Camera” other than “Built-in iSight”, then close the Preferences to try again.



Fig.1 Skype Preference
Fig.1 Skype Preference



Fig.2 YIM Preference
Fig.2 YIM Preference



Fig.3 YIM, enable the webcam
Fig.3 YIM, enable the webcam



Q: My IceCam image is blurry.

A: You may adjust the Focus by turning the “Focus adjust ring” on the iceCam to make the image more clear.

Q: Can I plug IceCam into keyboard’s USB port?

A. No. IceCam requires more power than keyboard’s USB port
provide. You should plug your IceCam into computer’s built-in USB ports or a self-powered USB Hub.